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Lumie Glass

Solstice Stained Glass Sun Catcher

Solstice Stained Glass Sun Catcher

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We make a range of wall or window decorations designed to compliment your home. The pieces represent taking stained glass back to basics for a more simplified and versatile feel. The decorations rely on the impact of colour and shape to tell their story. Each piece has a unique range of colours and shapes which are hung in different combinations to create new and exciting formations. They can be used as wall or window hanging decorations. This piece has multiple hand cut stained glass shapes, with a black patina finish. Each piece of glass is hung with linen cord from a brass bar, which can be displayed on a wall or in a window. Each piece of glass is carefully chosen to show different colours and textures. Completely unique and individual, no two are the same.
Size 85cm x 25cm - height can be adjusted and reduced to 65cm

This item has a 4 week lead time.

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