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Lumie Glass

Set of 3 Toadstool Jars

Set of 3 Toadstool Jars

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Enchanting fused glass toadstool jars are exquisite, handcrafted pieces of art that capture the whimsy of the forest in their delicate form. These jars are meticulously created with layers of colorful glass to form the enchanting toadstool shape. Each toadstool jar resembles a miniature woodland wonderland, with its cap serving as the lid and the stem as the container.

What makes these glass toadstool jars truly enchanting is their ability to transform any space into a magical realm. When placed on a windowsill or bathed in gentle candlelight, they cast enchanting, kaleidoscopic shadows that dance and flicker, evoking the mystique of an enchanted forest.

These jars serve both as functional containers and captivating works of art. Inside, they can hold trinkets, jewelry, treats, cocktails or simply stand as a symbol of natural woodland beauty. 
A set of 3 jars of varying sizes.  Approx 9-16cm tall x 9-12cm wide. 

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